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What is Brigand Galaxy? 

Brigand Galaxy is a game heavily inspired by 90's sci-fi anime in tone and aesthetics. With a focus on the crew as family, and the inevitable confrontation of hidden pasts and troubles coming into conflict with your present selves. It's about cool narrative fights, both outside and inside space ships. It's about running from your past as every good Anime protag does and about bonding with your fellow crew as you scrape a living out of odd jobs and trying to find that one big score.

Welcome to a world of magic and science alike. Where the mystical leylines work as interstellar highways between systems, and where blaster pistols mix with magical spells and mysterious powers. 

About the game: 
Brigand Galaxy is a PTBA (Powered by the Apocalypse) game. It uses only six-sided dice or d6 as they are also called. The initial release holds 7 playbooks, each with its own twist to them. The Initial release is called the Bare Bones edition, as it holds mostly the rules, play examples, equipment, and playbooks but bare bones in the way of lore and set pieces. 

What you get: 

The Brigand Galaxy PDF. (Barebone version is out, full version on the way)

The Brigand Galaxy PDF contains everything you need to run a game of Brigand Galaxy. From the various playbooks, explenations of the mechanics and the various things you can do within the system. At the current state, it is exactly 100 pages with all original art, layout and design.  At the present date, the book is largely unedited as I can only do so much. This will be corrected as soon as I have the means to hire a editor.

The Full version will come with lore and description of some of the many species and factions that exists within the setting.

A bundle of premade weapon cards (in progress)

Note: Buying the Bare Bones version will get you the final version, as well, once it is released.  


Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

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